When mentioning about the most luxurious hotel in Danang, it cannot miss  Wyndham Danang Golden Bay Hotel. Located on the Danang Bay, it is one of the hottest accommodations in 2019. Let’s discover the reasons why Wyndham Danang Golden Bay become one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.

Wyndham Danang Golden Bay – Luxurious Danang Bay hotel, by the city center and My Khe Beach

The golden hotel in Danang city

The name says the luxury itself. This is the only golden hotel in Danang city. By using the golden interiors and the golden walls, Wyndham Danang Golden Bay Hotel brings a luxurious and elegant feeling to those who coming here to experience the services.

The first Golden hotel in Vietnam

The very first impression of tourists when entering into the hotel is a golden sparkling lobby. It makes the magnificence right at your first moments in the hotel.

Plus, the high-end services with professional staffs will not disappoint you. Therefore, the hotel became one of the top hotels in the city from 2018 .

Five star hotel in Danang with feature of gold

Additionally, the view of this hotel in Danang also makes its luxury. From the hotel, you can have full eyesight of the harmonic beauty among blue sky, green mountains and the deep ocean. Its location is the gathering of the quintessence of natural beauty

The golden infinity swimming pool on the top of the hotel in Danang

Located on the 29th floor, the infinity swimming pool of Wyndham Danang Golden Bay Hotel is more special than others that make it become the most luxurious hotel in Danang city.

Wyndham Danang Golden Bay-Golden Infinity Pool in Danang

The reason is that it is made from the 24K gold. There is not only the golden swimming pool but also the golden walls in this area. Together, it creates a space of sparkling gold which is so luxurious and unique. It brings the experience which is worthy for 5-star and high-end class services.

The hotel in heart of Danang Bay

Furthermore, this is the highest golden swimming pool in Vietnam. Enjoying the most relaxing moments when dipping yourself in the cool water of a golden swimming pool will be the best experience ever. Additionally, this golden infinity swimming pool is a paradise to watch the gorgeous sunset everyday. A cup of cocktail in the golden infinity swimming pool under the last lights of the sunshine of a day will make you feel like being in paradise.

The professional chefs with the first-class dishes make the most luxurious hotel in Danang

Besides the golden interiors and infinity swimming pool, the food in this hotel in Danang city also makes its luxury. With the strict processing of cooking and the respect to the original recipes, all the dishes in the hotel is special and unique.

Tourists can taste the traditional cuisine of so many countries right at the hotel restaurants.

Furthermore, there are many promotions packages that give tourists the chance to experience a wide range of services in this hotel in Danang at once. Hence, do not hesitate to contact now to get the best deal!

Totally, Wyndham Danang Golden Bay is not only accommodation but also a paradise of enjoying the the luxury.

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